Oh, the Tangled Webs We Unweave! Life lesson learned while untangling a capiz shell curtain

Anything that has become tangled can always be untangled. This takes time, patience and diligence.

No matter where the tangle is, starting with an end is the best course of action.

Sometimes more tangles are created during the untangling process. Don’t worry—they will have sorted themselves out once you are finished.

If it’s a really big tangle, you may need to look at it and work on it from different angles. Sometimes you even have to give it a few shakes to loosen the knot(s).

Occasionally, it’s necessary to pull apart the threads—a sharp, thin, pointy object may not be the preferred object, but it is often the most effective.

Once finished, you may feel a sense of relief, satisfaction and/or joy.

What are your tangles and how can you apply this strategy to your own life?

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